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A look behind the scenes at Melbourne startup Hello Code. Founders Josh Sharp and Belle Beth Cooper discuss the ins and outs of building products, talking to customers, and navigating early startup life.

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    It's been a while! In this episode we talk about the recent web update, and what's changed for Belle now she's been full-time on Hello Code stuff for nine months.

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    Things have changed

    We cover some recent happenings, like the results of the survey, Belle joining full-time, and our Apple In-App Purchase woes.

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    Apple Health, custom tracking

    Belle talks about the data we're now importing from Apple Health and how she's going with adding sleep to the list. Josh talks about how our upcoming custom tracking feature will work.

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    Press is good

    In this episode we talk about the recent press mentions we received and how that boosted signups and income. We reflect on how hard it is to get press and how long it takes to build up brand awareness.

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    Hello again

    We talk about what's been happening with our new (beta) product Changemap, Larder, and Exist. We express sadness for the current state of affairs and our continuining failure to make enough money for Belle to quit freelancing, and ponder the future of Exist.

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    We recap the results of our recent Exist user survey and talk about what to do with what we've learned, and choosing what to work on.

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    Larder Launch

    We do a quick recap of our launch of Larder.

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    In this episode we talk about finding a niche for Larder, being somewhat unwilling to commit to it yet, and when to start marketing things you don't do yet.

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    The Origins of Larder

    We kick off a new set of episodes about our latest product, Larder, by talking about what it is, where the idea came from, and how it fits into our business.

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    We talk about receiving feedback on Exist from users, why it's both frustrating and rewarding, and how to give others good feedback.

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